Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Unverified Voracity Invites Man To Podcast


Neck Sharpies: Breaking Tendency


Michigan football fans trying to kill Michigan State ... with respect

There's an epic conversation happening on the news-sharing website Reddit, where Michigan football fans are trying to reverse the bad voodoo vs. MSU. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/575061200/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-fans-trying-to-kill-Michigan-State-with-respect/

Michigan football must leave 'what ifs' in the past and go beat MSU

The pressure in this rivalry game always seems to be on the Wolverines because Michigan always seems to make it that way. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/575018178/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-must-leave-aposwhat-ifsapos-in-the-past-and-go-beat-MSU/

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh has no excuses. He must beat MSU on road.

Everything is set up for the Michigan football team to beat the Michigan State Spartans and end years of frustration on the road against ranked teams. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/575014454/0/freep/wolverines~Michiganaposs-Jim-Harbaugh-has-no-excuses-He-must-beat-MSU-on-road/

Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Presser 10-15-18: Jim Harbaugh


Michigan football's 'revenge tour' could end woeful road losing streak

Michigan has a chance to snap a 17-game losing streak to ranked opponents on the road this week at Michigan State. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/574953934/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballaposs-aposrevenge-tourapos-could-end-woeful-road-losing-streak/

Michigan vs. Michigan State football: Fast facts

A look at the Michigan vs. Michigan State football rivalry, entering the 2018 meeting. Produced by Brian Manzullo, Detroit Free Press. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/574947940/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-vs-Michigan-State-football-Fast-facts

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