Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Michigan football vs. Alabama predictions: Do Wolverines have a chance in Citrus Bowl?

Free Press sports writers predict a winner for the Citrus Bowl between Michigan football and Alabama on Wednesday in Orlando, Florida: http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614263502/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-vs-Alabama-predictions-Do-Wolverines-have-a-chance-in-Citrus-Bowl/

Alabama football could feast on Michigan in the red zone. Here's why

Michigan football enter the Citrus Bowl against Alabama ranked 120th in the nation in red zone touchdown percentage allowed. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614260496/0/freep/wolverines~Alabama-football-could-feast-on-Michigan-in-the-red-zone-Heres-why/

Preview: 2020 Citrus Bowl


The Oral History of the 2000 Orange Bowl: South Beach, Scooters, and SEC Speed


Michigan QB Shea Patterson's winding football career ends with redemption shot vs. Alabama

Michigan football's quarterback Shea Patterson will see his college football journey come to an end at the Citrus Bowl. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614249874/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-QB-Shea-Pattersons-winding-football-career-ends-with-redemption-shot-vs-Alabama/

Michigan football's Chris Partridge being targeted by Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss, per report

Michigan football assistant coach Chris Partridge is reportedly being courted by Ole Miss' new coach Lane Kiffin. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614239776/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Chris-Partridge-being-targeted-by-Lane-Kiffin-Ole-Miss-per-report/

Michigan football's Jim Harbaugh, Alabama's Nick Saban saying all the right things

The Citrus Bowl will be another litmus test for where Michigan football is at as a program. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614245662/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Jim-Harbaugh-Alabamas-Nick-Saban-saying-all-the-right-things/

What Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, Alabama's Nick Saban said ahead of the Citrus Bowl

Here's what Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh had to say ahead of his team's matchup against Alabama in the Citrus Bowl on Wednesday. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614240522/0/freep/wolverines~What-Michigans-Jim-Harbaugh-Alabamas-Nick-Saban-said-ahead-of-the-Citrus-Bowl/

Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban speak before Citrus Bowl

Photos from the news conference with Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh and Alabama football coach Nick Saban on Dec. 31, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614244818/0/freep/wolverines~Jim-Harbaugh-Nick-Saban-speak-before-Citrus-Bowl/

Michigan football vs. Alabama: Citrus Bowl scouting report, prediction

Free Press sports writer Orion Sang breaks down Michigan football's Citrus Bowl matchup against a powerful Alabama team http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614229938/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-vs-Alabama-Citrus-Bowl-scouting-report-prediction/

Michigan football sees Alabama running back Najee Harris as the one who got away

Michigan football will face a once-coveted recruit in Alabama running back Najee Harris when the teams line up for the Citrus Bowl. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614242162/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-sees-Alabama-running-back-Najee-Harris-as-the-one-who-got-away/

Fee Fi Foe Film: Alabama 2019 Defense


Michigan football's shadow once was annoying enough to drive Nick Saban away

Alabama coach Nick Saban again must contend with Michigan football, an old nemesis that at one time loomed over him. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614229934/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-shadow-once-was-annoying-enough-to-drive-Nick-Saban-away/

Monday, December 30, 2019

How Michigan football's Jim Harbaugh nearly settled feud with Paul Finebaum

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh and Paul Finebaum have feuded in public. But Georgia basketball coach Tom Crean tried to get them together. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614156740/0/freep/wolverines~How-Michigan-footballs-Jim-Harbaugh-nearly-settled-feud-with-Paul-Finebaum/

Michigan football running back Hassan Haskins reflects on breakout 2019 season

Hassan Haskins rose to the top of the Michigan football depth chart at running back, and promises to be part of a "real nice backfield" next season http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614166566/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-running-back-Hassan-Haskins-reflects-on-breakout-season/

Michigan football's Joe Milton has worked all season to become the next starting QB

Michigan football's quarterback Joe Milton says he's not transferring, and is already competing for the 2020 starting job. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614175372/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Joe-Milton-has-worked-all-season-to-become-the-next-starting-QB/

Michigan football QB Joe Milton describes what he must improve on for 2020 season

Michigan Wolverines quarterback Joe Milton speaks to the media on Monday, Dec. 30, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614173570/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-QB-Joe-Milton-describes-what-he-must-improve-on-for-season/

Fee Fi Foe Film: Alabama 2019 Offense


How Michigan football's Josh Gattis survived his first year calling plays

After a tough beginning, Michigan football offensive coordinator Josh Gattis hit his stride. Now he's set to face Alabama, his former employer. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614156736/0/freep/wolverines~How-Michigan-footballs-Josh-Gattis-survived-his-first-year-calling-plays/

Sunday, December 29, 2019

How Michigan football's offense turned things around in the second half

Michigan football's offense turned things around in the second half of the season. It has a chance to continue that trend against Alabama. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614137716/0/freep/wolverines~How-Michigan-footballs-offense-turned-things-around-in-the-second-half/

Michigan football's Chuck Filiaga ready for long-awaited battle for starting spot

Michigan football's Chuck Filiaga is entering a pivotal offseason with the departure of two starting guards on the offensive line. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614136244/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Chuck-Filiaga-ready-for-longawaited-battle-for-starting-spot/

Michigan football's Michael Dwumfour to miss Citrus Bowl after medical procedure

Michigan football's defensive tackle Michael Dwumfour did not travel to the Citrus Bowl and will not play after undergoing a medical procedure. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614125254/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Michael-Dwumfour-to-miss-Citrus-Bowl-after-medical-procedure/

How Josh Gattis might give Michigan football an advantage over Alabama

Michigan football has insight into Alabama, thanks to first-year offensive coordinator Josh Gattis, who was on the Tide coaching staff last season. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614120946/0/freep/wolverines~How-Josh-Gattis-might-give-Michigan-football-an-advantage-over-Alabama/

Michigan football's defense determined to stand its ground vs. Alabama

Don Brown says Michigan football isn't letting the Ohio State loss linger. Which means the unit can find redemption against Alabama in the Citrus Bowl http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614112648/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-defense-determined-to-stand-its-ground-vs-Alabama/

Michigan football's all-decade team: Who were the Wolverines' best of the 2010s?

Free Press sports writer Orion Sang puts together Michigan football's all-decade team. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614097868/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-alldecade-team-Who-were-the-Wolverines-best-of-the-s/

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Michigan football's Nico Collins to make NFL draft decision after Citrus Bowl

Michigan football receiver Nico Collins hasn't decided whether he'll leave for the NFL draft or return for his senior season in 2020. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614065996/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Nico-Collins-to-make-NFL-draft-decision-after-Citrus-Bowl/

Michigan's Cesar Ruiz to decide on future after Citrus Bowl, focused on Alabama

Michigan football's center Cesar Ruiz will make a decision about his future after the Citrus Bowl. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614067510/0/freep/wolverines~Michigans-Cesar-Ruiz-to-decide-on-future-after-Citrus-Bowl-focused-on-Alabama/

How Michigan football cornerbacks will have to handle Alabama's fearsome receivers

Ambry Thomas and Lavert Hill will have their hands full in the Citrus Bowl when Michigan will be faced with Alabama's quartet of elite receivers http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614041080/0/freep/wolverines~How-Michigan-football-cornerbacks-will-have-to-handle-Alabamas-fearsome-receivers/

Friday, December 27, 2019

Staying or going to NFL? Michigan football cornerback Ambry Thomas not tipping his hand

Michigan football's Ambry Thomas dances around whether he's returning or opting for the NFL draft, saying he'll make an announcement after the Citrus Bowl http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614017072/0/freep/wolverines~Staying-or-going-to-NFL-Michigan-football-cornerback-Ambry-Thomas-not-tipping-his-hand/

Michigan TE Nick Eubanks returning for fifth season in 2020

Michigan Wolverines football tight end Nick Eubanks will return for his fifth season. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614018518/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-TE-Nick-Eubanks-returning-for-fifth-season-in/

Michigan football Citrus Bowl practice features a couple of positional twists

Michigan has one RB working out with tight ends, and a WR hanging with the defensive backs during football practice for the Citrus Bowl http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614015460/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-Citrus-Bowl-practice-features-a-couple-of-positional-twists/

Michigan football practices for Citrus Bowl in rainy Florida

Video from Michigan Wolverines football practice at Orlando (Fla.) West Orange High School on Friday, Dec. 27, 2019. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/614014250/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-practices-for-Citrus-Bowl-in-rainy-Florida/

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Michigan football DE Kwity Paye returning for senior season

Michigan Wolverines defensive end Kwity Paye says he won't go to the NFL and instead return to school for his senior year. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613959938/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-DE-Kwity-Paye-returning-for-senior-season/

Here's why Michigan football's coordinators are praising their 2020 recruiting class

Michigan football coordinators Don Brown and Josh Gattis discuss the Wolverines' 2020 recruiting class. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613914032/0/freep/wolverines~Heres-why-Michigan-footballs-coordinators-are-praising-their-recruiting-class/

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Michigan football's Josh Uche on NFL draft decision: 'I felt like it was time'

Michigan football pass-rusher Josh Uche has chosen to declare for the NFL draft instead of returning for a fifth season. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613858148/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Josh-Uche-on-NFL-draft-decision-I-felt-like-it-was-time/

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Michigan football TE Nick Eubanks still deciding between fifth season or NFL draft

Michigan football tight end Nick Eubanks hasn't decided yet if he'll return for a fifth season or if he'll declare for the draft. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613770858/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-TE-Nick-Eubanks-still-deciding-between-fifth-season-or-NFL-draft/

Monday, December 23, 2019

Hoops Mailbag: Biggest Surprise, Coker Effect, Enigmatic Scorers, B1G Outlook


Should Michigan football play for present or future vs. Alabama in Citrus Bowl?

Michigan faces Alabama on Jan. 1 in the Citrus Bowl. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613693166/0/freep/wolverines~Should-Michigan-football-play-for-present-or-future-vs-Alabama-in-Citrus-Bowl/

Merry Christmas Or Other Holiday Of Your Choice


Stargazing: December 2019, Defense


Eastern Michigan football not alone in struggling to make bowls

On Thursday, when Eastern Michigan football plays in the Quick Lane Bowl, will be the first back-to-back bowl appearance for the school. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613693290/0/freep/wolverines~Eastern-Michigan-football-not-alone-in-struggling-to-make-bowls/

Jim Harbaugh: Michigan football's 2020 recruiting class filled with 'go-getters'

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh discussed his program's 2020 recruiting class in the aftermath of the December early signing period. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613693160/0/freep/wolverines~Jim-Harbaugh-Michigan-footballs-recruiting-class-filled-with-gogetters/

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Can Michigan football, or anyone in the Big Ten, close recruiting gap with Ohio State?

There's a recruiting gap between Ohio State and Michigan football and the rest of the Big Ten. Can it be even narrowed? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613610594/0/freep/wolverines~Can-Michigan-football-or-anyone-in-the-Big-Ten-close-recruiting-gap-with-Ohio-State/

Donovan Edwards' recruitment shows why Ohio State football, LSU are so dang good

West Bloomfield's Donovan Edwards will likely be the best player in Michigan for the Class of 2021. All the top college football teams want him. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613609936/0/freep/wolverines~Donovan-Edwards-recruitment-shows-why-Ohio-State-football-LSU-are-so-dang-good/

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Get ready for college football bowl season: 40 facts for 40 bowls

Friday marks the start of college football's bowl season. So here's one fact about every bowl to get you ready for the final push of 2019: http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613398324/0/freep/wolverines~Get-ready-for-college-football-bowl-season-facts-for-bowls/

Some Michigan football early enrollees to practice with team during bowl prep

Some of Michigan football's mid-year enrollees will get to practice with the team during bowl prep. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613551684/0/freep/wolverines~Some-Michigan-football-early-enrollees-to-practice-with-team-during-bowl-prep/

Friday, December 20, 2019

Michigan football still haunted by Ohio State even as it begins to prep for Alabama

Michigan has been mostly silent since getting trounced by Ohio State, and only now is emerging as it gets ready to face Alabama in the Citrus Bowl. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613495706/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-still-haunted-by-Ohio-State-even-as-it-begins-to-prep-for-Alabama/

College football bowl season: These Michigan products could have big impacts elsewhere

College football's bowl bonanza kicks off Friday. Other than the five bowls featuring Michigan schools, which others are worth watching? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613469806/0/freep/wolverines~College-football-bowl-season-These-Michigan-products-could-have-big-impacts-elsewhere/

Thursday, December 19, 2019

College football bowl picks by USA TODAY staff not too kind to state of Michigan

The college football postseason features 40 games with 39 bowls before the championship game. USA TODAY Sports staff picks all the matchups. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613421270/0/freep/wolverines~College-football-bowl-picks-by-USA-TODAY-staff-not-too-kind-to-state-of-Michigan/

Michigan football nets two West Bloomfield signees in Makari Paige, Cornell Wheeler

National Signing Day program at West Bloomfield high school, featuring Makari Paige and Cornell Wheeler, who both signed with Michigan, Dec. 18, 2019. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613363756/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-nets-two-West-Bloomfield-signees-in-Makari-Paige-Cornell-Wheeler/

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Michigan football commits Micah Mazzccua, Nick Patterson remain unsigned

Two players who had previously committed to Michigan football have yet to sign: OL Micah Mazzccua and TE Nick Patterson http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613365714/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-commits-Micah-Mazzccua-Nick-Patterson-remain-unsigned/

MGoRadio 5.13: White Beard Talk-The Signing Day Podcast


Michigan football lands three-star quarterback Dan Villari to 2020 recruiting class

Michigan football landed three-star quarterback Dan Villari on Wednesday, the first day of the NCAA's early signing period. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613364954/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-lands-threestar-quarterback-Dan-Villari-to-recruiting-class/

Michigan football's 2020 recruiting class: Five takeaways on how they fared

Free Press sports writer Orion Sang provides five takes on Michigan football's 2020 recruiting class. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613355156/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-recruiting-class-Five-takeaways-on-how-they-fared/

Four-star 2020 quarterback CJ Stroud picks Ohio State over Michigan football

The No. 2 ranked pro-style quarterback in the Class of 2020, CJ Stroud, just announced his commitment to Ohio State. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613347264/0/freep/wolverines~Fourstar-quarterback-CJ-Stroud-picks-Ohio-State-over-Michigan-football/

Signing Day: The LOIs Are In, Mostly


Michigan football's 2020 recruiting class: How each player fits, who's their comp

Free Press sports writer Orion Sang breaks down the Michigan football recruits who signed letters of intent for Wolverines http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613318146/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-recruiting-class-How-each-player-fits-whos-their-comp/

Big Ten football signing day breakdown: Here's where Michigan, Michigan State rank

Here's our breakdown of the early signing period from around the Big Ten, from Ohio State and Michigan football to Maryland and Nebraska. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613340558/0/freep/wolverines~Big-Ten-football-signing-day-breakdown-Heres-where-Michigan-Michigan-State-rank/

Michigan football recruiting: Five biggest misses for 2020 class

Free Press sports writer Orion Sang looks at Michigan football's five biggest misses in the 2020 class. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613339400/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-recruiting-Five-biggest-misses-for-class/

Future Blue Derivatives: Kalel Mullings


Five Michigan football signees who could make a splash in 2020

Assessing five players who have a shot to make an early impact from Michigan football's 2020 recruiting class. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613332168/0/freep/wolverines~Five-Michigan-football-signees-who-could-make-a-splash-in/

Muskegon star Cam Martinez postpones signing with Ohio State football

Ohio State football commitment Cam Martinez will not sign with the Buckeyes during the early signing period, according to his step-father. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613328868/0/freep/wolverines~Muskegon-star-Cam-Martinez-postpones-signing-with-Ohio-State-football/

Michigan football 2020 recruiting class

Photos of the Michigan Wolverines' 2020 football recruiting class. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613318144/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-recruiting-class/

National Signing Day early period 2019: Live updates from Michigan, MSU, across the nation

Welcome to live coverage of 2019 National Signing Day early period, including news on Michigan and Michigan State football http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613316218/0/freep/wolverines~National-Signing-Day-early-period-Live-updates-from-Michigan-MSU-across-the-nation/

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Michigan football QB Shea Patterson accepts 2020 Senior Bowl invite

Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson was invited to the Senior Bowl, the premier showcase event for NFL draft prospects. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613288172/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-QB-Shea-Patterson-accepts-Senior-Bowl-invite/

Inside the Baltimore superpower fueling Michigan football's 2020 recruiting class

Baltimore Saint Frances Academy has quickly become a national powerhouse. The man behind its rise once worked for Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613250892/0/freep/wolverines~Inside-the-Baltimore-superpower-fueling-Michigan-footballs-recruiting-class/

Hello From The Distant Future: Alex VanSumeren


Monday, December 16, 2019

Michigan football won't face two of Alabama's top defenders in Citrus Bowl

Alabama's injury-ravaged defense will be without two of its best veteran playmakers in next month's bowl game. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613205866/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-wont-face-two-of-Alabamas-top-defenders-in-Citrus-Bowl/

Stargazing: December 2019, Offense


Michigan football gets 2022 commitment from Essexville Garber's Alex VanSumeren

Michigan football got its first commitment for the class of 2022 in Essexville Garber's Alex VanSumeren. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613188348/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-gets-commitment-from-Essexville-Garbers-Alex-VanSumeren/

Future Blue Derivatives: Blake Corum


Sounds like Michigan football won't have any players skipping Citrus Bowl vs. Alabama

One season after Michigan football saw four of its best players sit out the Peach Bowl, the Wolverines seem to be singing a different tune. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613173124/0/freep/wolverines~Sounds-like-Michigan-football-wont-have-any-players-skipping-Citrus-Bowl-vs-Alabama/

Michigan football's Jim Harbaugh reminisces as his first recruiting class prepares for bowl

Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan football team wrapped up the regular season with the annual award banquet http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613157474/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Jim-Harbaugh-reminisces-as-his-first-recruiting-class-prepares-for-bowl/

MGoPodcast 11.15: Throwback


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Michigan football award banquet: Shea Patterson named team MVP

Michigan football quarterback Shea Patterson was named this season's Bo Schembechler Most Valuable Player Award at award banquet http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613134776/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-award-banquet-Shea-Patterson-named-team-MVP/

Michigan football players to keep an eye on before the Citrus Bowl

What to keep an eye on as Michigan football goes through a month of bowl practices. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613088480/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-players-to-keep-an-eye-on-before-the-Citrus-Bowl/

No. 1 prospect in Michigan high school football through the years

A look at the No. 1 high school football prospect in Michigan each year since 2010 http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/613070974/0/freep/wolverines~No-prospect-in-Michigan-high-school-football-through-the-years/

Friday, December 13, 2019

Tarik Black, Michigan football relationship doomed to end in breakup instead of breakout

Injuries and other matters out of his control affected Tarik Black and his place in Michigan football. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612988188/0/freep/wolverines~Tarik-Black-Michigan-football-relationship-doomed-to-end-in-breakup-instead-of-breakout/

Michigan football wide receiver Tarik Black enters NCAA transfer portal

Michigan wide receiver Tarik Black has entered his name into the NCAA transfer portal, the fourth Wolverine to do so this season http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612974288/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-wide-receiver-Tarik-Black-enters-NCAA-transfer-portal/

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Michigan football lands four-star defensive end Jaylen Harrell

Michigan football added a 2020 commitment in four-star defensive end Jaylen Harrell from Berkeley Prep in Florida http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612846136/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-lands-fourstar-defensive-end-Jaylen-Harrell/

Neck Sharpies: Unit Cohesion


Jaylen Harrell Has Committed to Michigan


Hoops Recruiting Has Intel From D.C.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Unverified Voracity Works Off Surplus Animal Spirits


Ex-Michigan football coach Brady Hoke represents a new wave of well-paid assistants

LSU's Dave Aranda tops pay list again as more college football assistant coaches take advantage of market leverage for guaranteed contracts. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612728148/0/freep/wolverines~ExMichigan-football-coach-Brady-Hoke-represents-a-new-wave-of-wellpaid-assistants/

The Teams: 1988


Here's how Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban feel about players missing Citrus Bowl

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh and Alabama's Nick Saban are dealing with the question facing every non-playoff team: Who will miss the bowl? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612668034/0/freep/wolverines~Heres-how-Jim-Harbaugh-Nick-Saban-feel-about-players-missing-Citrus-Bowl/

Monday, December 9, 2019

Why Alabama, Nick Saban dread playing in meaningless Citrus Bowl against Michigan football

Alabama, Michigan football's opponent in the Citrus Bowl, failed to make the College Football Playoff for the first time since 2014. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612422804/0/freep/wolverines~Why-Alabama-Nick-Saban-dread-playing-in-meaningless-Citrus-Bowl-against-Michigan-football/

Citrus Bowl win would mean a lot more to Michigan football, as Alabama yawns

It's not a playoff game. But Michigan football can still help itself with a win over Alabama in the Citrus Bowl. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612495822/0/freep/wolverines~Citrus-Bowl-win-would-mean-a-lot-more-to-Michigan-football-as-Alabama-yawns/

Sunday, December 8, 2019

How to buy Citrus Bowl tickets to see Michigan football vs. Alabama

You can get the chance to see Michigan football face Alabama at the VRBO Citrus Bowl in Orlando on Jan. 1, 2020. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612421254/0/freep/wolverines~How-to-buy-Citrus-Bowl-tickets-to-see-Michigan-football-vs-Alabama/

Michigan football vs. Alabama in the Citrus Bowl: Three things we're watching

What to watch when No. 17 Michigan football plays No. 9 Alabama in the Citrus Bowl on Jan. 1 in Orlando. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612415254/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-vs-Alabama-in-the-Citrus-Bowl-Three-things-were-watching/

Michigan football will play Alabama in Citrus Bowl on Jan. 1

Michigan Wolverines football is headed to the Citrus Bowl in Orlando to play Alabama and Nick Saban http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612401994/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-will-play-Alabama-in-Citrus-Bowl-on-Jan/

Bump Elliott Has Passed Away


Final bowl projections for Michigan football, Michigan State, MAC schools

Do you Bama, Michigan football fans? Here are the latest bowl projections, which poses a chance that Eastern Michigan gets left out http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612370996/0/freep/wolverines~Final-bowl-projections-for-Michigan-football-Michigan-State-MAC-schools/

Bump Elliott, former Michigan football All-American and architect of Iowa dominance, dies at age 94

Bump Elliott, who was born in Detroit, played football at Purdue and Michigan and was the architect of a run of dominance at Iowa. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612373916/0/freep/wolverines~Bump-Elliott-former-Michigan-football-AllAmerican-and-architect-of-Iowa-dominance-dies-at-age/

Projecting Michigan football's bowl destination: Here are our odds

Michigan football seems destined to face Alabama in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. But what if that doesn't happen? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/612305942/0/freep/wolverines~Projecting-Michigan-footballs-bowl-destination-Here-are-our-odds/

Friday, December 6, 2019

Michigan football reportedly hosting two big visitors this weekend

Michigan football recruiting has a big few days coming up. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/611962000/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-reportedly-hosting-two-big-visitors-this-weekend/

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Michigan football lands 6 offensive players on All-Big Ten teams: The full list

Michigan football's offense had two players earn consensus first-team All-Big Ten honors. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/611263430/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-lands-offensive-players-on-AllBig-Ten-teams-The-full-list/

Michigan football's star pass-rusher Josh Uche heading to NFL draft; will play in bowl

Michigan linebacker Josh Uche will enter the NFL draft and play in the team's bowl game. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/611268390/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-star-passrusher-Josh-Uche-heading-to-NFL-draft-will-play-in-bowl/

Michigan football linebacker Jordan Anthony enters NCAA transfer portal

Michigan football junior linebacker Jordan Anthony entered his name in the NCAA transfer portal, becoming the third U-M player to do so this season. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/611260356/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-linebacker-Jordan-Anthony-enters-NCAA-transfer-portal/

Is Michigan football vs. Alabama a dream scenario for Citrus Bowl?

The Citrus Bowl appears to be a strong possibility for Michigan football and might include a showdown with Alabama. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/611250334/0/freep/wolverines~Is-Michigan-football-vs-Alabama-a-dream-scenario-for-Citrus-Bowl/

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Bowl projections: Where Michigan football, Michigan State could be heading

Michigan football might be heading west for its bowl game. Michigan State might stay home. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610843830/0/freep/wolverines~Bowl-projections-Where-Michigan-football-Michigan-State-could-be-heading/

Ohio State coach Ryan Day had 'no choice' but to beat Michigan football

Days after Ohio State defeated Michigan football, Buckeyes coach Ryan Day talked about the relief he was granted by beating the Wolverines. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610820160/0/freep/wolverines~Ohio-State-coach-Ryan-Day-had-no-choice-but-to-beat-Michigan-football/

Michigan football has eight defensive players on All-Big Ten teams: The full list

Michigan football Lavert Hill earned first-team All-Big Ten defensive honors from the coaches and media. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610834776/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-has-eight-defensive-players-on-AllBig-Ten-teams-The-full-list/

ESPN's Greenberg: Michigan football's high expectation more to blame than Jim Harbaugh?

Michigan football still is healing from Saturday's blowout loss to Ohio State. Are the OSU woes Jim Harbaugh's fault? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610806572/0/freep/wolverines~ESPNs-Greenberg-Michigan-footballs-high-expectation-more-to-blame-than-Jim-Harbaugh/

Michigan football's Jim Harbaugh has embraced change before. He must now do it again

Jim Harbaugh's last offseason move improved Michigan football. What's next? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610771918/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-footballs-Jim-Harbaugh-has-embraced-change-before-He-must-now-do-it-again/

Monday, December 2, 2019

What can Michigan football do to fix its Ohio State problem? There aren't many options

Michigan football failed to beat Ohio State for the eighth straight season. Is there anything Jim Harbaugh and Co. can do to close the gap? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610736070/0/freep/wolverines~What-can-Michigan-football-do-to-fix-its-Ohio-State-problem-There-arent-many-options/

Chris Petersen steps down after six seasons as Washington coach

Chris Petersen is stepping down as Washington football coach after six seasons. Jimmy Lake, the defensive coordinator, will succeed him. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610718874/0/freep/wolverines~Chris-Petersen-steps-down-after-six-seasons-as-Washington-coach/

Tom Brady 'at a complete loss' after Michigan football's latest loss to Ohio State

Former Michigan football star Tom Brady just can't understand how his Wolverines have lost eight straight to Ohio State. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610716892/0/freep/wolverines~Tom-Brady-at-a-complete-loss-after-Michigan-footballs-latest-loss-to-Ohio-State/

Big Ten Power Rankings: Michigan football good, but not good enough vs. Ohio State

Picked to win the Big Ten earlier this year, Michigan is now on the verge of an existential crisis after losing three conference games this season. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610695464/0/freep/wolverines~Big-Ten-Power-Rankings-Michigan-football-good-but-not-good-enough-vs-Ohio-State/

An Obligation


MGoPodcast 11.14: I'm Here to Serve


Free Press college football top 25: How far did Michigan football fall?

Check out this week's college football top 25, compiled by our writers. Do we have your favorite team too high or too low? http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610693170/0/freep/wolverines~Free-Press-college-football-top-How-far-did-Michigan-football-fall/

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Michigan football: What we learned vs. Ohio State, what to watch during bowl prep

Three things we learned from Michigan football's 56-27 loss to Ohio State, and what to watch for as the Wolverines get ready for a bowl game. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610643006/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-What-we-learned-vs-Ohio-State-what-to-watch-during-bowl-prep/

Michigan football falls to 18th in USA TODAY coaches poll; Alabama down to ninth

LSU remained No. 1 ahead of Ohio State in the Amway Coaches Poll after the Tigers beat Texas A&M. Alabama fell to No. 9 after losing to Auburn http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610634834/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-falls-to-th-in-USA-TODAY-coaches-poll-Alabama-down-to-ninth/

Mitch Albom: Michigan football's sickening reality: Ohio State is just better

Michigan football was blown out by Ohio State for the second straight year. And this time it was worse. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610593170/0/freep/wolverines~Mitch-Albom-Michigan-footballs-sickening-reality-Ohio-State-is-just-better/

Michigan football falls down to 18th in USA TODAY coaches poll; Alabama down to ninth

LSU remained No. 1 ahead of Ohio State ii the Amway Coaches Poll after the Tigers beat Texas A&M. Alabama fell to No. 9 after losing to Auburn http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610634834/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-falls-down-to-th-in-USA-TODAY-coaches-poll-Alabama-down-to-ninth/

A day later, Michigan football's talent disadvantage vs. Ohio State is clear

A look at why Michigan Wolverines football is always at a talent disadvantage when it plays the Ohio State Buckeyes http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610611396/0/freep/wolverines~A-day-later-Michigan-footballs-talent-disadvantage-vs-Ohio-State-is-clear/

Jim Harbaugh's legacy more than Ohio State failure: Michigan football good, just not elite

Michigan football is back to being ... well, pretty good. Jim Harbaugh just can't figure out beating powerhouse Ohio State. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610611298/0/freep/wolverines~Jim-Harbaughs-legacy-more-than-Ohio-State-failure-Michigan-football-good-just-not-elite/

The seeds of Michigan football's loss to Ohio State were sown on the recruiting trail

Ohio State has outperformed Michigan football in recruiting. So, it's no surprise the Buckeyes are beating the Wolverines on the field. http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610581066/0/freep/wolverines~The-seeds-of-Michigan-footballs-loss-to-Ohio-State-were-sown-on-the-recruiting-trail/

Michigan football stock watch: Front seven comes up small vs. Ohio State

Assessing which Michigan football players improved their stock or hurt it in the 56-27 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes http://rssfeeds.freep.com/~/610619028/0/freep/wolverines~Michigan-football-stock-watch-Front-seven-comes-up-small-vs-Ohio-State/